Shortsale and Avoid Foreclosure

Considering a Short Sale or Want to Avoid Foreclosure?

It can be overwhelming when you are behind your new mortgage. It has financial, mental, and emotional effects and takes a tool on you.


You have CHOICES.

Cool Realty LLC offers several options to help you solve your situation. There were things you can do to avoid foreclosure. We can see if your property value will provide funds for a regular sale where you are clear enough to pay your mortgage and may see a profit. Or you may have to bring a small amount of funds to satisfy the debt.



Cool Realty is a SHORT SALE EXPERT and has a team to get your property sold and the bank forgives the difference between what you owe and the house current value. The short sale will get the property out of your name.



Cool Realty has PROPERTY MANAGEMENT. If renting the property helps to solve the situation.



Our company also has INVESTOR who can offer cash purchases when it makes sense to both parties.



Cool Realty also purchases houses in certain situations.

Cool Realty brings a variety of solutions for your situation. This will help ease your burden during this difficult time.

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