Selling Your Property

Selling your property is a serious decision but it does not need to be a major pain. We understand, this property has been more than your home, maybe for quite some time. And it is for most people the largest financial transaction they will ever make.

When selling your property, it is normal to have questions and be nervous.

You have come to the right place to get started. One of our staff at Cool Realty LLC will reach out to you to provide you excellent customer service and help you list your property and sell it.

We also now are able to provide you with state of the art technology equipment that generates 3D images and 360o virtual tours of your property, when you list with us.

Have Initial Consultation with a REALTORTM:

The REALTORTM should be a full time agent. Ask them questions and have a comfort level with them. Because you will be spending a good amount of time with them through the process completion. You should have good rapport, trust, & confidence in your REALTOR. Make sure your schedules fit. For example if you can only show your property to prospect buyers after 5pm or weekends make sure the REALTORTM is available and works those hours as well.

Have Vision:

Your property may need some updating, a fresh coat of paint, and maybe some furnishings.

Why do you want to sell?

Think about how you will be selling your property. You can try to sell your home yourself, but we thouroughly recommend using a estate agent or an online estate agent.

  1. What is motivating you to sell your property now?
  2. Are you looking to buy a property while/after you sell?
  3. Are you relocating to another city/state?
  4. Looking for a different way to investment after you sell?
  5. Need a larger home?

Having a clear sense of your reason for selling will help you choose the right prospect buyer.


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